Nessughhh (piss_angel_666) wrote in whip_me_up,


Name: Nessa
Age: 16
Sex: cunt
Location: amherst, MA
Sexual Preference: i love guys but i love girls too. I'm not saying this to be trendy i swear.
Movies: fuck movies
10 or more good bands: leftover crack, choking victim, reagan youth, the pist, the germs, urban waste, a global threat, self destruct, gang green, black flag, circle jerks, chaotic dischord, limp wrist, the scum, toxic narcotic, bones brigade, capitalist casualties, gg allin, blatz, doom, caustic christ, pig destroyer, agoraphobic nosebleed, deicide, blanks 77, subhumans, defiance
Piercings: lip, nose
Tattoos: none... i'd like to get one when i become less of a pussy (or when i get older, that works too)
Provide an original use for whipped cream: to spray in some asshole's face so they can't see and then punch them in the face?
Promote this community in two other communities. Tell us where: add_punx, brutalxbeauties
Who sent you? myself out of my own boredom.

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